Geraldo Tells CNN He’s Ashamed of Trump Relationship: ‘A Personal Embarrassment That We Were Friends For So Long’

Former Fox Information host Geraldo Rivera instructed CNN he’s ashamed of getting ever been pals with former President Donald Trump after Trump mentioned unlawful immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our nation.”

Requested for his ideas on Trump’s comment throughout an look on CNN Primetime, Friday, Rivera mentioned:

I believe it’s vile. I believe it’s disgusting. It’s very disappointing. To sink to that stage, it’s for me a private embarrassment that we have been pals for thus lengthy. This language is racist, it’s actually disgusting, and, you already know, some issues can’t abide. We can’t abide sure issues and he has crossed the road. I beseech his followers to take heed to what he mentioned about poison blood.

Who else used that sort of language? That sort of toxic rhetoric? It was the Nazis, and I hate to make use of Nazi or Hitler references, however it’s not possible to overlook the apparent parallels. Poison blood, it was a direct reference. He made a direct reference that the migrants, the immigrants, principally Latinos now, might I say, are poisoning, polluting the blood of actual Individuals. It’s insupportable. I imply it’s completely past the pale.

Reacting to a Trump spokesperson’s declare that the comment was “a traditional phrase that’s utilized in on a regular basis life,” Rivera instructed CNN host Abby Phillip, “Excuse me, I apologize to you and your viewers, however I’ve to say that the spokesman’s excuse was absolute bullshit.”

He continued, “It’s lowdown and soiled. Give me a break. You understand, regular, on a regular basis discourse? Who talks about poison blood? Who talks about that? Who says that an immigrant is poisoning— it’s past. It truly is past the past. It’s not— this isn’t applicable discourse. This isn’t— this isn’t honest play. That is terrible. Simply terrible.”

Watch above through CNN.

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