George Conway Alarmed By ‘Profoundly Psychopathic’ Trump Comments: ‘He’s Getting Worse’ 

Conservative lawyer and Washington Submit contributing columnist George Conway warned that former President Donald Trump’s darkish outbursts are “getting worse.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Trump stated undocumented immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our nation” – a phrase just like a line from Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf through which he wrote, “All the good civilizations of the previous grew to become decadent as a result of the initially inventive race died out, because of contamination of the blood.”

On Friday’s AC360 on CNN, Anderson Cooper famous Trump’s remarks and welcomed Conway to the present.

“The phrase that he used, it has such clear historic antecedents, even any person as poorly learn as the previous president actually is aware of the place that phrase comes from,” Cooper stated. “He is aware of the phrases he’s utilizing.”

“Proper,” Conway agreed. “He’s not a really clever man, however he does have a reptilian type of mind that basically lends itself to this type of rhetoric. And he’s profoundly, profoundly psychopathic in the best way that he expresses himself.”

He later added:

And what we see here’s a man missing, utterly missing in morality, missing in conscience, missing in regret, missing in empathy, utterly a person with out a soul. And the kind of factor that he’s– what he preaches is hatred. And he preaches hatred as a result of that is the best way he can save himself and achieve energy. And proper now, he’s getting worse. They all the time worsen – the sociopaths, the psychopaths like a Hitler or a Putin.

They worsen over time as they grow to be increasingly determined. And that’s what’s occurring with Donald Trump.

Watch above by way of CNN.

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