Draconid Meteor Shower 2023: When It Peaks and How to Watch It

Draconid Meteor Shower
Draconid meteor bathe.Picture: Getty Photographs/500px

It might be spooky season however ’tis the season for meteor showers, too!

October is an thrilling time for area exercise, between the approaching photo voltaic eclipse and the Hunter’s Moon, however all through the month, capturing stars will soar by way of the sky as a result of two meteor showers will probably be in impact.

The Draconids mark the primary bathe of the month — starting on Oct. 6, peaking round Oct. 8-9 and ending on Oct. 10. In direction of the month’s finish, the Orionids will see its peak round Oct. 21-22.

Luckily, for these trying to catch a glimpse of the capturing stars, the moon will probably be in its new moon part, stopping gentle air pollution from drowning out the extraterrestrial Draconids show. Due to this fact, be alert if the Dragon awakens!

A fisherman watches a meteor during the Draconid meteor shower over Howick rocks in Northumberland. Picture date: Sunday October 10, 2021. (Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images)
A fisherman watches a meteor through the Draconids over Howick rocks in Northumberland.Owen Humphreys/PA Photographs by way of Getty

The Draconids, which seem to radiate from the Draco constellation, have the potential to spit forth tens of 1000’s of fiery stars throughout the evening sky in a uncommon incidence referred to as a meteor storm. (A storm of that caliber hasn’t occurred since 1946!)

Meteor showers usually have astrological significance as effectively; although, astrologer Kyle Thomas tells PEOPLE that they “do not have precise astrological relevance” like new moons and full moons do. Nonetheless, he says “seeing a meteor bathe or capturing star is at all times indicative of luck, synchronicity and luck.”

Moreover, meteor showers have additional astrological relevance based mostly on the constellation from which they seem to radiate, notes Thomas — identified for his cosmic steering for celebrities, enterprise executives and distinguished influencers. Within the Draconids’ case, its radiant is the aforementioned Draco constellation within the northern sky.

To search out out what the Draconids means in astrology and which zodiac signal this meteor bathe aligns with, in line with Thomas’ readings, learn on!

Do the Draconids have astrological significance?

Draconid meteor shower
Draconid meteor bathe.Yuri SmityukTASS/getty

Compared to moon phases, meteor showers do not have particular significance per zodiac signal as moon phases do — nevertheless, they are often seen from anastrological and esoteric perspective. (Why do you suppose there’s that phrase, “Want upon a star?”)

In accordance with Thomas — who’s been learning mythology and astrology since he was eight years outdated — recognizing a meteor bathe or capturing star is “at all times indicative of luck, synchronicity, and luck.”

Why? He says that “the explanation individuals consider to ‘want on a capturing star’ is as a result of it has been mentioned for a few years all through time that these moments are uncommon, thus giving somebody a lift of luck.”

Which zodiac signal do the Draconids align with?

Aquarius zodiac signal.


Sometimes, Thomas says the Draconids fall throughout the Aquarius constellation. That is one other method of figuring out a capturing star’s extra relevance in relation to the zodiac wheel.

For the reason that Draconids occur throughout the Aquarius constellation, Thomas says “the Aquarian concepts of ‘the longer term, neighborhood, aspirations, hopes, goals, freedom and revolution’ can be extra intently tied to it.”

Moreover, Thomas says Draco “was the embodiment of the parable of safety,” particularly in regard to “hidden treasure.” Symbolically, this “hidden treasure” could possibly be both bodily (like wealth) or non secular (like knowledge), he explains.

Due to this fact, Thomas says the Draconids “might help us to unlock and discover no matter hidden treasure we’re needing.”

What does the Draco constellation symbolize?

Draco the Dragon constellation.Getty

A longtime studier of mythology, Thomas says that there is some “fascinating info” about Draco as a constellation, which has been “envisioned as a dragon, serpent or snake.”

Centuries in the past, Thomas says the Babylonians “worshipped the constellation whereas Christian mythology correlated it to the snake within the Backyard of Eden.” To the Egyptians, he says “it was the Crocodile that devoured these whose hearts have been heavy” — and to the Greeks, he says “it was the dragon that guarded the golden apples within the Backyard of Hesperides.”

Symbolically, Thomas says Draco “was a guardian that coils and by no means sleeps nor units, and protects the best treasures of life and divinity, in addition to creation, destruction, and immortality.”

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