Republican Senator Claims Gaetz Bragged to Colleagues About Taking Erectile Dysfunction Meds ‘So He Could Go All Night’

Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) savaged Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Wednesday evening, claiming the Home Republican bragged about washing down erectile dysfunction medicine with power drinks to delay his sexual escapades.

Gaetz initiated the removing of Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the speakership this week by submitting a movement to vacate the chair. Solely eight Republicans voted for it, however with 208 Democrats additionally voting in favor, the movement carried and McCarthy was ousted. Gaetz stated McCarthy breached a number of elements of a deal the 2 made in January when Gaetz dropped his opposition to the California lawmaker’s bid to develop into speaker.

Gaetz’s actions exasperated most congressional Republicans, significantly on the Senate aspect, the place Mullin didn’t maintain again with CNN’s Manu Raju in an alternate outdoors the Capitol on Wednesday:

You’ve gotta take into consideration this man. This can be a man that didn’t have – that the media didn’t give the time of day to after he was accused of sleeping with an underage lady. And there’s a motive why nobody within the convention got here and defended him – as a result of we had all seen the movies he was exhibiting on the Home flooring that every one of us had walked away, of the ladies he had slept with.

He bragged about how he would crush E.D. drugs and chase it with power drinks so he might go all evening. That is clearly earlier than he bought married. And so, when that accusation got here out, nobody defended him. After which nobody within the media would give him the time of the day. Abruptly he discovered fame as a result of he opposed the speaker of the Home again in November. And he’s all the time stayed there. And he was by no means gonna go away till he bought this final second of fame by saying– by going after a movement to vacate.

The Division of Justice investigated the chance that Gaetz slept with a minor. The probe concluded with out prices.

Watch above by way of CNN.

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